Rich Rick Scratch Show

5,000.00 fun points


Game description

If you love watching contest shows, then Rich Rick Scratch Show is definitely for you. Play for fun or for money and enjoy this marvelous game of chance. The greatest thing about this game is that you don’t need any skills to play it. Given that, this is a game of chance, you only need lots of luck to win. The game is hosted by Rich Rick, the man that appears on the left side of the screen. He promises to make you as rich as he is. The game features an attractive theme and design and it’s inspired by all the contest shows out there. So, pray for luck and a good karma and just indulge in this one- of-a-kind game.
First of all, buy the ticket. The ticket opens the road to wealth. Once you have the ticket, you need to scratch it and wait for the number to be revealed. A winning combination means that you have 3 numbers of a kind, like three 50s for example. The ticket price is €15, but with only €15 you can win €6000. Given this situation, the price you pay is not that high. So, play the Rich Rick Scratch Show and wait for the money to fill your pockets.


Scratch the ticket and look for 3 of a kind to win !