Hi Tech Keno 80

5,000.00 fun points


Game description

Our society puts so much emphasis on the technological features, that they have come to conquer the games world as well. Therefore, you are now invited to enjoy Hi Tech Keno 80, a state of the art version of one of the oldest games out there. Nevertheless, although the game itself has not changed at all, its appearance has been entirely transformed, and it is now more elevated and presents numerous cutting edge features. For instance, Hi Tech Keno 80 uses diverse shades of metallic-grey and extremely detailed graphics, impressing the player, and waking up his interest at the same time.

However, the basic rules have remained the same, and especially in the case of Hi Tech Keno 80, winning is not difficult. You will need to think positive and select maximum ten numbers, hoping that they will be the right ones. Then, the machine will randomly pick ten numbers, and if there are any numbers that coincide, you win. Also, the more numbers are the same, the better, because this means that your gains will be higher. And, if you feel less lucky, then you can always select the automatic option, and the machine will randomly choose your numbers.


The basic idea of Keno is to select numbers from a pool of up to 80. Once you start the game, 10 numbers will be randomly selected as the winning numbers. You prize will be based on how many matching numbers you have selected.

Some will say that you should play the so-called "hot numbers" -- those that have come up a lot in recent draws. Others say just the opposite -- that you should play so-called "cold numbers". I like to pick my own personal lucky numbers -- the month, day, and two-digit year of my birth, plus my age.