Crazy Fruit Party

5,000.00 fun points



Game description

Crazy Fruit Party’s mass appeal has made it a hit in our online gaming casino. Plump and delicious fruits are personified as silly characters that spin across the seven reels of this exciting slot game. If you’re searching for a colorful and uncomplicated game to boost your mood, Crazy Fruit Party is it! Cheery cherries, outrageous oranges, peppy pears, prickly pineapples, and bodacious bananas will give you the giggles as you spin the reels and play for massive payouts. It’s like a visit to an old-fashioned fruit stand on a warm spring day!
Crazy Fruit Party is one of our most amusing slots, but that’s not the only reason gamers keep coming back to try their luck with this fruity game. In addition to all your favorite natural delicacies, Crazy Fruit Party includes boxes of blue sky as scatter symbols, wild watermelons, and the controversial tomato as bonuses. This game has an earning potential of 25,000 credits for every single spin! That’s a whole bunch of apples and oranges!

Game details

  • 14 Line Slot with 7 REELS, WILD SYMBOL, FREESPINS and BONUS
  • Use UP and DOWN arrows to adjust the bet and LEFT and RIGHT arrows to adjust the betlines
  • FREESPIN feature is activated when 4 or more scatter symbols appear on the screen
  • BONUS feature is activated when 2 BONUS symbols appear on the same reel
  • AUTOPLAY feature lets you play continuous spins


Press SPACE to start SPIN
To start playing SLOTS , start the game, choose your bet size and click SPIN.

4 scatters on any reels bring 15 FREE SPINS. All wins are multiplied by 4 during freespins.
2 BONUS SYMBOLS on same column start bonus mode
If the symbol on which the selector on margins stops, is among the symbols from the center SLOT, then your win is multiplied by that amount !