Wanted MultiSpin Slots

5,000.00 fun points



Game description

Life in the Wild Wild West is not that easy, but while playing Wanted Multispin Slots, nobody will rob you of anything, quite the opposite; you should get ready to win big time. We’re talking about a unique slot machine game, with 1 reel and 1 payline, that highlights Wild West influences, and if offers players a chance to win huge amounts of cash.
Likewise, to make everything even better, Wanted MultiSpin Slots offer players countless bonuses and magic multipliers that will make the game easier, and will raise their chances of winning. The main goal of the game is for the user to attain as many identical symbols on a pay line. It there are at least two similar symbols, they will be held for one round to increase the user’s chances to win. Also the most desired symbol is the Indian, because it will automatically multiply the user’s current earnings. Does that seem like something you might enjoy?


To start playing this SLOT , start the game, choose your coin size, choose the number of coins you want to bet and click SPIN. If the symbols form a winning formation on the line you win ! Multiplier symbols also act as jokers!